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RIP Joyce

Joyce Campbell, whom many of you will know, worked with Jean Gorman for over a decade as the original costume wifies of FCT.

She was also one of the first Chair Person’s of our wonderful organisation and, for that alone, we owe her a great deal.

Sadly she passed away after several years of debilitating cancer on Thursday night.

Joyce was an all round wonderful woman.

On a personal note I will always remember Joyce’s beaming smile, the buzz of the sewing machine in our “Green Room” and her unstinting attendance at Gorman family parties with her equally wonderful husband Sinclair. My other big memory of her was her and Sinclair’s annual attendance at my mother’s March Talbot (now St Columbas Hospice) fundraiser. She was sadly missed this year and will be in years to come.

From all of us at FCT.

Thank you Joyce.

(PS. If any of you have a photo of Joyce could you send it to me at please so that I can put it up as part of this post)

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