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Pauline Dickson | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh



Pauline has had associations with Forth Children's Theatre as far back as she can remember with her uncle being one of the founding fathers. Although she has never performed in Forth Children's Theatre she has been actively involved with many Edinburgh amateur theatre companies. 

Pauline is delighted to support Forth Children's Theatre and hopes her experience and love of theatre will help her positively contribute to it's ongoing success.

Irene Hogg | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh


Vice Chair

The legendary Rene Hogg ….make up, stage crew, Stage Manager, committee member and finally Company Manager! That is the progression from 1981, Jenny in the buggy aged 1, helping out with husband Alan, then both Jenny and David onstage and now in 2022 starting back again after Covid.

 FCT have produced so many terrific shows but her favourites are The Chess Game, Godspell and Les Miserables.

Annemarie Marko | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh



As Treasurer for Forth Children's Theatre Annemarie brings a wealth of experience working with numbers, government bodies and also previous treasurer for another theatre company.

Having worked as a Financial & Managements Accountant with the last 12 years in finance systems, she is helping us to navigate through complexities of our charitable status and bringing stability and growth for our future.

As well as the numbers Annemarie is looking forward to support and watching FCT productions and playing an active part on the board

Jane Sutherland | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh


Honorary Member

Jane joined Forth Children's Theatre in 1979 because she was a Gorman. Her father, Peter, was the founder and her initial involvement was on stage. Subsequent shows saw Jane become make up lady with her mum Jean, costume wifie, floor washer and between-show baked tattie provider. 

Jane's current involvement is as Honorary Member on FCT Board, however you will still find her with a mop in one hand and a make up brush in the other one come showtime.

Although the company may have changed beyond recognition over Jane's 43 years of involvement, she believes the core aim of allowing children and young people to express and enjoy themselves in an inclusive and safe environment remains the same. That is what keeps her coming back year after year (and also the baked tatties).

Calum Arundel | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh


Ordinary Member

Calum has been a member of FCT for over 10 years now. Starting by assisting in the stage crew before developing to Production Management for several years.

More recently Calum is supporting production management teams and is our Safeguarding Lead looking after all thing’s to keep our volunteers and young people safe, Health & Safety and Risk Assessments.

Cameron Smith | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh


Ordinary Member

Cameron has been part of the Forth Children's Theatre family for 4 years now and looks after everything to do with the 'back office' running from website, to marketing, to grants and funding.

He is excited to see Forth Children's Theatre be reimagined into the 21st century as he is an avid fan of technology

Niloo-Far Khan | Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh


Ordinary Member

Niloo-Far Khan is an ex-FCTer. She is an Edinburgh theatremaker that believes stories can encourage us to look deeper into how we navigate belonging and find compassion for each other.


Her recent works include directing: radio play ‘Glory, Glory an Edinburgh Story’ (by Kamala Santos/Tamasha & HolyMountain Productions, 2022; ‘Black Scots’ (National Theatre of Scotland/BBC Scotland, 2020; and assisting on: ‘A Christmas Carol’ (adapted by Noisemaker & Andrew Panton/Dundee Rep, 2021) and ‘Orphans’, (by Peter Mullan, adapted by Douglas Maxwell, directed by Cora Bissett, composed by Roddy Hart & Tommy Reilly/National Theatre of Scotland, 2022).

Helena Kelly Headshot.png


Parent Representative

Helena has been a fan of Forth Children’s Theatre since her niece joined in 2014 and has seen every show since. After years of watching and admiring all the talented young people at every show, Helena's daughter finally auditioned in 2019 after patiently waiting to turn 10. As a parent, she volunteered to help with sewing, wardrobe, bar duties, raffle selling and cleaning duties and absolutely loved every minute.


Every member of the board and wider team are volunteers, and in order to give our stars of the future the chance to perform, we always need more people to help. That is why Helena agreed to undertake the role of parent representative; She is extremely approachable and very happy to listen to any feedback you have. She promises to represent and provide parents with a strong voice within FCT.

John Allan Headshot.png


Ordinary Member

John first got into the theatre when he auditioned for the Edinburgh Gang Show at the tender age of 12… he is still there!!! It was with the Edinburgh Youth Theatre, however, that John got his first taste of back stage life; a good “crew” worked with many of the Edinburgh Amateur Theatre companies, crewing their annual productions in the Kings, something he still does with The Southern Light.

John's connections with FCT go back to the mid-80’s, two of his sisters were members of the company, one of them is now a professional actor. John always says to young people, not everyone who joins a theatre company goes on to be actors or singers, but they can use the confidence that it gives them to stand up in front of people and be themselves. That theatrical experience has made John many lifetime friendships and helped him throughout his working life.



Secretary to the Board

Beth has worked as a PA within the financial services and is a vital part of The Yard, where she is Board and HR Administrator.


Her extensive experience of working with children and young people, makes her a vital part of Forth Children's Theatre, particularly her knowledge and practical experience working with children with disabilities or additional support needs.

As an expert in GDPR and safeguarding, we are delighted Beth has joined us as secretary to the Board and is a huge asset to our wider leadership team. 

Our Board of Trustees and volunteers keep the cogs of Forth Children's Theatre turning. With representatives from all areas of the organisation - productions to parent representative - information on our current Board can be found below. 



Wellbeing Lead


Safeguarding Lead


Creative Advisor


Marketing Manager


Props Lead


Operations Lead


Production Manager


Front of House Lead


Ticket Manager


Costume Lead


Sound & Lighting


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