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Forth Children's Theatre Wins the Best Musical ENDA for Second Year Running

On Friday night we gathered en-mass at the VIP Room at The Gilded Balloon to see how we had fared in the third ENDA Awards. (Evening News Drama Awards) which are open exclusively for Edinburgh groups. Liam Rudden has to be commended for bringing recognition to local groups in a Festival which is overwhelmed sometimes by comedy acts.

The Drama ENDA this year went to ETA for A Tale of Two Cities. Well Done ETA on recording a double.

Next up; the best Musical award and we were facing Tempo and Edinburgh University's Savoy Company. We didn't have to wait long though before the news we were all hoping for broke. We'd won. Again!

It was the perfect finish to the Fringe for a cast, band and crew that had truly excelled.

Roll on 2010.

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