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Jenny Hogg: Funeral arrangements.

Since our last post went up Jenny’s appreciation has been read an incredible 6,000 times, literally towering over anything we’ve written here before. We think this is testimony to the deep love that’s felt for Jenny and all of the Hoggs here at FCT.

Some people have been asking for details of what promises to be a VERY well attended funeral. And I can now share this information with you.

The service will be held at The Lorimer Chapel at Warriston Crematorium on Friday 14th March at 3pm.

Jenny did not want flowers as you will read below (“they suck” I can hear her say) but wanted everyone to celebrate her life and, to that end, not only are we all to wear some colour but after the service we are invited back to Inverleith Church Hall on Ferry Road (FCT’s spiritual home in many ways) for what Rene and Alan are calling “the after show party”.

All of the details are in the Scotsman announcement below (one that my wife commented was the most beautiful announcement she has ever read.)

and you can find it online by following this link.

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