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Forth Children's Theatre: Meet Our Team

We have been busy over at FCT Towers. We are incredibly excited to introduce you to the team who keep everything ticking along; from ticket sales to techy things, communications to counting pennies, our team are incredibly passionate about making sure Forth Children's Theatre remains Edinburgh's brightest youth theatre company.

So, without further ado please meet the FCT Board for 2022/2023:

  • Pauline Dickson, Chair

  • Irene Hogg, Vice-Chair

  • Annemarie Marko, Treasurer

  • Jane Sutherland, Honorary Member

  • Cameron Smith, Ordinary Member

  • Calum Arundel, Ordinary Member

  • Philip Lewis, Ordinary Member

  • John Allan, Ordinary Member

  • Niloo-Far Khan, Ordinary Member (TBA)

  • Helena Kelly, Ordinary Member (TBA)

We are also proud to announce our leadership positions within Forth Children's Theatre:

  • Irene Hogg, Technical Lead

  • Cameron Smith, Operations Lead

  • Calum Arundel, Safeguarding Lead

  • Jane Sutherland, Wellbeing Lead

  • Niloo-Far Khan, Creative Advisor

  • John Allan, Volunteer Lead

  • Steve Phair, Production Manager

  • Vic Laing, Ticket Manager

  • Mairi Wilson, Marketing Manager

  • Angelo Deponio, Front of House Lead

The team are supported by a wealth of volunteers including PR and marketing, costumes, props and so so many more. Find out more about our team.

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