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RIP Jean

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you of the passing, on 16th January 2021, of Jean Gorman.

Jean was the beloved wife of one of our founding fathers, Peter. A phrase that does no justice to what she meant to Forth Childrens Theatre. A woman who, for over 40 years, held FCT close to her heart and gave us so much in a quiet, stylish manner, as only Jean could do.

Jean was there at the very birth of FCT, providing tea, coffee, wine and her famous lasagne, and contributing to the initial decision making with her sound common sense. Jean was an integral part FCT as it grew to what it is today. She was proud of what this company achieved, little knowing that without her we would have achieved so much less.

Driving a little grey car with her four children, (and often various other cast members), crammed in the back, to rehearsals with Acorn Children’s Theatre for their production of 1212 AD, The Fisherman and His Soul and Chaturanga, little did they know that this was the first shoots of this wonderful company we know and love today.

Jean was the original Secretary, Costume Designer/Mistress for the early shows. This resulted in the dining room of their house in Bonnington Terrace being turned in to the costume/workshop. The ‘Green Room’, was full of everything required to put on a show, including rolls of red felt acquired by Peter and several tins of ‘FCT grey’ paint in the corner.

Following the first Fringe show, and knowing the difficulty of finding suitable material for such a young cast, Jean set about writing the script for our second show, adapting Oscar Wilde’s The Star Child for the stage and presenting the finished article to Peter.

Jean continued supporting FCT through the years, from Front of House to selling the wine, helping decorate floats for the Cavalcade, cooking the burgers and sausages for the barbecues and many roles in between.

Jean was the constant.

A word to someone, a smile or even one of her looks, made you feel special.

Jean cared for everyone that was a part of the FCT family. She was a great listener and problem solver, supporting and encouraging wherever she could. Sometimes the only way to get the show started was to stop the audience trying to talk to Jean and make her sit down.

Of course, Jean encouraged her children to be part of FCT and we are thankful for that.

Mark, Jane, Sara and Emily all trod the boards and Mark and Jane went on to be part of the board of FCT, continuing to guide the company.

And so to the stylish, gentle, kind and ‘Our Jean’, we say goodbye and thank you.

Love from all of us at FCT,

Oggy, Oggy, Oggy, Oy, Oy, Oy. Ya Beauty!

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