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Just Jenny!

We can’t not share with those of you who couldn’t make it to Warriston yesterday what a remarkable, astounding, occasion that those of us who did experienced.

This was the send off extraordinaire

First I’d like to share the funeral card with you.

As you can see it was themed, yes themed, as a theatrical performance and that was entirely fitting as we had three astonishing eulogies. Each very different, but fundamentally all the same, simply sharing the joy that Jenny had brought to each of our lives.

Then the ‘after show’.

This was a wake of truly Oirish proportions.

Simply epic.

FCT did a wonderful turn that prompted Alan himself to make a speech of thanks that was heart rending but, like everything else about the day, filled with humour.

I am told that some folks went back to Bangholm until 4 am to continue the celebration of Jenny’s life. (The after ‘after show’ if you like.)

Of course this would have to be classed as highly irregular and in no way condonable behaviour.

Appaling people.

(I had a great time. Thanks to all who came to our humble abode.)

And then, today, Alan shared this message on his Facebook page. I’m sure I am in breach of something sharing with you but…what the hell.

Jenny we all love you and thank you Alan and Rene for letting us send Jenny off in EXACTLY the way she would have wanted.

This is Alan’s message…

I feel I have to write again today.

Yesterday we said our farewells to Jenny at Warriston Crematorium – no person present will ever forget the huge numbers who attended. We have been told there were more people outside than inside and although you could hear the service relayed, sorry could do nothing about the cold wind.

Rene and I are saddened somewhat that we have no means of knowing who were present plus we know that we did not speak to everyone who attended the “after show party”. It really was a party where so many were present and told more stories that we had never heard before.

Our thanks to all who attended.

We must thank John Jones – the celebrant – who all agree was brilliant at combining the humorous with the serious and gave all something to think about. John McGillivray, who I have worked for, performed brilliantly making the right decisions when we might have suggested something else. You were correct and all the lads from Chauffeur Drive (advert) were so professional to enable the afternoon to progress so well.

David, Roy and Liam – sincere thanks for accepting the roles and performing unbelievably well. You all loved Jenny and it showed throughout.

This cannot be completed without thanking Jennyhoggs Irish family who were present not only in person but those who could not be with us and have been in our thoughts all the time.

Friends came from all over Scotland and England as well to be part of Jens farewell – thank you.

Rene and I could not have completed Jenny’s wish of being nursed at home to the end without the truly amazing help of Kerr and Phil, Dr Gillespie, Betty and the District Nurse team, Anne and the hospice team, the Marie Curie Nurses without whom we could not have slept safe at night knowing they loved and cared for Jen( we did not even hear the door bell one night, someone come in, give Jen an injection and leave again) and finally the men and women who supplied all the kit including the bed to enable Jen to sleep well and do what we could – even if Mandy did nearly tip her out the wheelchair!

Our love and sincere thanks go to all who were with us anywhere on this journey.

God bless you all, Alan and Rene.xx

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