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RIP Fiona

FCT is often the stage and starting point for careers that are about greatness.

Young people that are given their spotlight and moments, sometimes turning into years and careers of fame or, at the very least, recognition.

But it’s not all about that.

Today, we need to turn our eyes to another dimension that is so, so important to this company.

The back room, the quietly wonderful contributors that never ask for thanks, that turn up year in year out to add the underscore to what makes this company what it is.

Fiona Pirie was one of those people.

Quiet, unassuming, unbelievably talented.



One of us.

But she died last Wednesday, yet another victim of cancer.

We will all remember her many many contributions to FCT; her last being Chess Game.

I captured her with Neil’s band during Ragtime as she proudly showed off not only her Clarinet, but her Soprano Saxaphone too.

I hope we will all remember her unsung contribution with great respect.

She was, unquestionably, an FCT legend and our deepest sympathies go out to her husband Bill.

Her funeral is on Thursday 17th November 2011 at Warriston Lorimar Chapel, Edinburgh with an internment at Aberlady, East Lothian afterwards. Bill has requested Family Flowers only but has said that all are welcome.

Fiona. We love you.

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