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The Benefits of Joining an Edinburgh Youth Theatre

As an Edinburgh youth theatre group with over forty years of experience under our belt, we have been helping children in Edinburgh put on shows they can be proud of. Whether creating costumes, learning lights or packing props, Forth Children's Theatre sees children being involved in all aspects of theatre; from backstage to front of house. The benefits of producing shows is profound, but there is so much more a child (and family) can gain from being involved in a youth theatre. Here are some of the top benefits.

Enhanced Creativity

Creativity doesn't just come in the form of singing and dancing on a stage. Whether your child is a design whizz, has an eye for lighting that might make a performance pop or is a talent on the trombone, Forth Children's Theatre has a role for everyone.

Enhancing creativity and having fun are our bread and butter. By being allowed to discover hidden talents, or enhance existing ones, youth theatre is a place to express yourself, however that might look. By giving our members the space to create, and including them in all aspects of theatre, we help the children discover what makes them happy. A fantastic show is just the icing on the cake.

Team Building

Our board and adult team come with years of experience. As part of a well-oiled team themselves, they enthusiastically pass team-building skills on to our children and young adults. The skills of communication, negotiation and working together are paramount to a successful, healthy life. By adding fun into the mix, these skills are developed naturally when putting on a production.

A recent survey to cast members and parents of Oliver! (2022) asked them to use words to describe Forth Children's Theatre. Consistently, they used phrases like "family" and "inclusive". We very much pride ourselves on being team and passing down skills through generations.

Meeting New People

We love meeting new people! With a company ranging from 10 - 18, and over 20 adults involved in the day-to-day running of Forth Children's Theatre, our organisation is a brilliant way to meet new people. With kids coming from all over Edinburgh and the Lothians, we pride ourselves on having a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and cultures that we can all continuously learn from.

It is sometimes really important to get yourself out of your bubble. Whether that is spending time out with usual friends from school or meeting people from a different part of our city, being around new people brings fresh thinking, different approaches and helps enhance those all important networking skills.

Intergenerational Networking

Working with people both older and younger is really important to how you see the world. The knowledge share at Forth Children's Theatre is vast; from older members teaching our children new skills to our younger members who always remind us to think outside the box, there is so much to be learned when generations work together.

Being part of a youth theatre in Edinburgh is a fantastic way of not only making new friends, but it teaches valuable skills that our members keep with them for a lifetime.

Find out more about Forth Children's Theatre and discover the benefits of joining us today.

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