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We Need Your Help

In our last post we pointed out the great work of Diane and Gordon (not to mention the rest of the FFM).

As show time approaches we are on the lookout for support from anyone in FCT, related to anyone in FCT or that just cares about FCT to support us with either cast sponsorship in the programme (ask any of the adult helpers at rehearsals all about it), show sponsorship or advertising in the programme.

From as little as £50 your business (or your employer’s business) can place an ad in the programme.

For more information email

Last year one of our adult helpers was given a donation on her behalf of £500 by Lloyds Banking Group, just for asking. And a local company, Agilent Technologies, donated £300 to help with show marketing so it just shows; if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

We are truly grateful to both of those companies for their help and support, but we always need more of them.

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