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Edinburgh Theatre Auditions: A Guide

We get it. Auditioning for a theatre show can be scary. Whether you are 8 or 80, performing in front of a production panel is a daunting task but Forth Children's Theatre is on hand to help. Take a look at our below guide to smashing theatre auditions in Edinburgh and beyond.

Be Prepared

It goes without saying that, if possible, you should know your audition material inside out. Every theatre company will have a different process for auditions. Some will like you to prepare something of your choosing - perhaps a monologue, song or dance that you feel best shows your ability. You may be sent something in advance to prepare; perhaps a short extract from a script or a song to learn.

At Forth Children's Theatre in Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on an informal audition process. We ensure any material is sent out in plenty of time to allow you to learn whatever is required. But our auditions will also include fun group work so you don't feel under pressure. Whatever the audition process is, be as prepared as you possibly can:

  • Know exactly where the audition will take place to avoid any last-minute stress.

  • Pack a snack and some water and lunch if required. FCT will always tell you (or a parent/guardian) what to bring along with you.

  • Make sure you have comfortable, practical clothing on.

  • Bring any words or notes to the auditions with you so you can review them.

  • Find out when you are likely to hear the result of your audition.

Think About The Character

Spend time researching the character you are auditioning for. How would they move, talk, and stand? What is their background? What is the meaning behind their monologue or song? Can you get access to the script to better understand the part you want to play? The more time you think about your performance, the better prepared you will be.

Be Professional

The audition panel you are performing for doesn't just want to see how well you can act, dance or sing. They are also analysing your professionalism, attention to detail, timekeeping, and how you respond to instructions. In all cases, be polite and approachable. Always thank the panel after your audition and, for whatever reason you might not get the part, keep smiling. There is always that next show that will be just perfect for you!

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun at your audition. We know it can be super scary but fun is what Forth Children's Theatre do best Talk through any worries with your parent, guardian or the team at FCT ahead of auditioning to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Get ready to sing, dance and have a ball.

Looking to join us? Find out more about our upcoming productions and how to join,

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